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About Oh Beauty Fest 2022

We know that the word ‘beauty’ often gives off this feeling of desire towards high perfection. Luckily for us, nothing is impossible when we have the right companion. So here we are, both of us watching the other’s backs. This is the place where we support you and support each other, no matter what.

Nothing is wrong except in fearing of doing something wrong. In our new world of beauty, bringing out the best in you means exploring different ways of loving you and your skin. Do whatever you wanna do. Glow happiness in doing it. And remember one thing: self-esteem is an inside job, and we are here to make sure everyone starts on that!

We knew our audience wanted something a little more interactive and FUN, other than  just beauty memes and product reviews. We thought, why not gather all of our audience’s favourite cult and emerging beauty brands, as well as new and OG beauty influencers,  all into one space — Oh Beauty.

We want Oh Beauty to redefine the way you discover and enjoy beauty products, outside of just shopping at a store or reading a product testimony. 


We want you to have fun with all things beauty!

Event Calendar

Oh Beauty Festival: 6-9 October 2022

Pondok Indah Mall 3, Jakarta Selatan

Star Stage - Day 1

6 October 2022
10:00 WIB - 10:45 WIB Open Gate
11:30 WIB - 12:15 WIB Press Conference
18:15 WIB - 19:00 WIB Shena Malsiana
19:45 WIB - 22:00 WIB Music : Luqyone x n0n

Dream Stage - Day 1

6 October 2022
16:00 WIB - 16:45 WIB Betadine

Stress Berlebih Bisa Ganggu Kesehatan Area Kewanitaanmu! KOL: Dr. Merry

17:30 WIB - 18:15 WIB Lemon Influencer Platform Talkshow

Cara Jadi Beauty Enthusiast Maksimal dengan Modal Minimal

19:00 WIB - 19:45 WIB Lavojoy Talkshow

Self Joy - Well Happy Peaceful

Star Stage - Day 2

7 October 2022
10:00 WIB - 10:45 WIB Open Gate
15:15 WIB - 16:00 WIB Mykonos Talkshow

Let Your Perfume Define Your Character with Violenzia Jeannete MC: Kaye Mykonos

16:45 WIB - 17:30 WIB Realfood Workshop

Bird's Nest: From Superfood to Super Ingredient for Your Skin with dr Sonia Hanifati MC: Melati Kusuma

18:15 WIB - 19:00 WIB Oilum Talkshow

Perawatan Kulit Sehat & Cantik dengan dr Ratna MC: Dwi Putri D

19:45 WIB - 20:30 WIB Music : Monica Karina
21:15 WIB - 22:00 WIB Music : Bilal Indrajaya

Dream Stage - Day 2

7 October 2022
13:00 WIB - 13:45 WIB StyleKorean Indonesia Skincare & Makeup Demo, Talkshow and QnA

Effortless Skincare & Makeup with Bellinda Putri MC: Nadia Intan

14:30 WIB - 15:15 WIB Bonavie Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet with Gabriel Prince MC: Nanda

16:00 WIB - 16:45 WIB ERHAIR Talkshow

Know Your Hair with Angelicca Marthin & Kae Pratiwi (1 Dermatologist: dr. Ahmad Haykal, A.R.B Sp.DV, M.Kes) MC: Michele

17:30 WIB - 18:15 WIB Derma Express Talkshow

Kulit Sehat, Glowing, dan Wajah Proporsional bersama dr. Nathasya Leona MC: Rian Antono

19:00 WIB - 19:45 WIB Duvaderm Make-up demo

Trick to Get Glass Skin Makeup with Nana MC: Teresia Tan

20:30 WIB - 21:15 WIB Music : Alishar

Star Stage - Day 3

8 October 2022
10:00 WIB - 10:45 WIB Open Gate
10:45 WIB - 11:30 WIB ESQA Make-up demo

ESQA Glam Academy with Lifni Sanders

12:15 WIB - 13:00 WIB NIVEA

Introducing Nivea New Products Launch, Nivea Luminous W630 with Catchy Sharon, Affi Asegaf, and GM NIVEA

13:45 WIB - 14:30 WIB Mother of Pearl Talkshow

Discover Your Perfect Scent with Tasya Farasya MC: Geralda Winona

15:15 WIB - 16:00 WIB Real Food Talkshow

Beauty Power of Realfood Bird’s Nest with dr. Kamila Jaidi & dr. Tiqasya MC: Shafiraum

16:45 WIB - 17:30 WIB Duvaderm Talkshow

How to Treat Sensitive Skin with Hans Danials MC: Cindy Lauw

19:45 WIB - 22:00 WIB Music : Videostarr x Cindercella

Dream Stage - Day 3

8 October 2022
11:30 WIB - 12:15 WIB My Skin But Better x Glow Better Seminar

First Ever in Indonesia: Skincare with Coverage!

13:00 WIB - 13:45 WIB Mine. Workshop

#CreateMinePerfume with Stephen Cahaya MC: Ikhe Mutiara

14:30 WIB - 15:15 WIB Erha Acneact Talkshow

Solution to Cure Your Acne with Novia Nur Ismi and Dermatology, Dr. Bunga Sejuk Segar MC: Tamara Emilia

16:00 WIB - 16:45 WIB O.TWO.O Make-up demo & Beauty Talkshow

How To Create Flawless Complexion With Yosep Muach

17:30 WIB - 18:15 WIB SOMETHINC Make-up demo

Glamour Makeup Demo by Somethinc MC: Najwan Hasbi Wahyudi

19:00 WIB - 19:45 WIB TRUEVE Seminar

Trueve Exclusive Launch Blue Tansy Clarity Face Mask with dr. Abelina D Fitria, Dpl. AAAM, MARS, MM & Jovi Adhiguna

Star Stage - Day 4

9 October 2022
10:00 WIB - 10:45 WIB Open Gate
13:00 WIB - 13:45 WIB La Roche-Posay Talkshow

Dermlive by La Roche-Posay: Acne Solution Powered by Medical

14:30 WIB - 15:15 WIB Westcare Seminar

Introducing Westcare Sunscreen: A Graceful Skin Aging Journey with Adeline Tjahjadi

16:00 WIB - 16:45 WIB ERHA ULTIMATE Talkshow

Apa yang terjadi pada rambut dan wajah seiring bertambah usia? MC: Raye Sabrina

17:30 WIB - 18:15 WIB WHITELAB Talkshow

Skincare untuk mencerahkan, beneran efektif? Bersama Amalia Deszell MC: Ida Ayu Dewi

19:00 WIB - 19:45 WIB Nacific Make-up demo

Skin Prep For Flawless Makeup with Deri Yana MC: Sarah

20:30 WIB - 22:00 WIB Music : Friday Noraebang!

Dream Stage - Day 4

9 October 2022
13:45 WIB - 14:30 WIB Andalan Talkshow

Wanita Aktif, Wanita Andalan bersama Luqyana Fisabila MC: Cokorda Cinta

15:15 WIB - 16:00 WIB Guèle Cosmetics Make-up demo

Easy glam makeup for beginners with Vanny Adelina

16:45 WIB - 17:30 WIB Cleyà Beauty Make-up demo

Everyday makeup looks tutorial with Claudia Novira, tips n trick, and giveaway!

18:15 WIB - 19:00 WIB O.TWO.O Make-up demo

Fan Meeting & Beauty Talkshow with Yosep Muach and Jill Shine