10-13 OCTOBER 2019

These 5 asian-brand lip care products are our best kept secret to smoother and healthier looking lips.

Watch every beauty tutorial videos out there and we bet almost everyone would take out their trusted lip balm or lip care, before applying any lip product. Sure, some would go to the lengths of actually preparing their own natural lip care products like Kourtney Kardashian (https://youtu.be/MKPJLPy6N4o) or Priyanka Chopra (https://youtu.be/948MLgRGNyU) (I tried making this once and ended up eating it more than anything, soz). Some would also prefer tinted lip balms for the quick on-the-go trick, or even rock that wet, glossy look (Seriously how do you keep your hair from sticking on your shiny lips? Discuss).

Thus, here at Oh Beauty we stumbled upon some of our favourite asian-brands lip care products, that we’ll be applying all day long.

1) Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatmentย 

Kudos to Shiseido for taking sun protection seriously, as this product also contains SPF 35. It does leave some white cast on your lips, but nothing that can’t be fixed with blotting a bit of tissue and topped with your lipstick of choice. It also works well as a retexturizing treatment incase you have rough lips through the day.

2) Etude House Honey Cera

This is a product that we like recently, because – prepare yourself – it smells a bit like boba milk tea.ย  Using honey extracts as its main ingredient, the texture is thick and heavy, so it’ll be great during drier months in winter or as an everyday to-go lips moisturizer to keep on your work desk.

3) Sulhwasoo Essential Lip Serum Stick

So we came across this product when Song Hye-Kyo used it in the 2018 TV drama series “Encounter”, and of course we googled it straightaway. With camellia oil and apricot kernel oil, the serum stick is perfect if you just want to add that natural glow to the lips without looking like you’re wearing heavy makeup, and like most South-Korean brands it brightens up your face. It’s so good that some people even claimed it to be a dupe of the infamous Dior Addict Lip Glow.

4) Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This little tube has a huge cult international following, sworn by beauty editors and bloggers on this planet. Use this leave-on lip mask before your beauty sleep, it will help remove dead skin cells while hydrating your lips at the same time, making it smooth and plump by the time you wake up. FYI it smells really good too – slightly sweet but not overpowering.

5) Sensatia Botanicals Cocoa & Honey Lip Bliss

As Bali’s finest natural skin care, it’s no surprise that this product has so much natural ingredients: Coconut oil, Nut oil, Beeswax, Castor oil, Flower oil and the list goes on. One swipe and this thick gel texture will melt slowly on your lips, so keep that in mind when in a hurry. Pro-tip: store this balm in the refrigerator before using it to get that cool and spa sensation on your lips!


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  • salmachaisila

    super penasaran sama sensatia bonatical!!!

      • Harfi.mesya

        Woahhh Etude House termasuk yang bagus juga ternyataa! Aku ngefans Laneige soalnya hehe

      • sabela219

        Bibir ku sering banget kering karna pake lipcream terus , pengen coba pake perawatan bibir tapi blm sempet’

  • Rangercoco

    Thanks for the advice! So helpful ๐Ÿค—

  • faya.khairina

    You also can mix your own lip scrub with sugar, honey, and a bit of face oil. I love to mix it when I’m travelling and forget to bring any lipscrub or any lip care products.

  • aliflanya.maghfirah

    Okay that Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is cool but as i donโ€™t really deal with lip problems so vaseline petroleum jelly is enough for me โœจโœจ

  • aleadianti

    laneige lip sleeping mask bnrbnr sebagus ituuu!!!

  • dheandyna

    oke masuk list produk yg harus dicoba

  • dhira0702

    Woahhh Etude House termasuk yang bagus juga ternyataa! Aku ngefans Laneige soalnya hehe

  • cynthiaamelissaa

    aku cinta banget sama laneige lip sleeping maskkk!

  • stefannyygunawan

    dulu pake laneige cuma aku merasa sticky banget banget sampe rambut bisa nempel” gitu. sekarang cuma pake vaseline ๐Ÿ˜„

  • hanifahbandijo

    Langsung auto masukin yang sensatia botanica ke wishlist :’)

  • raihana

    Bener banget laneige lip sleeping mask bener2 bikin bibir jauh lebih lembab

  • innandya3

    Apalah dayaku. Aku hanya pake vaseline teraphy

  • putrinatisya

    pingin coba yang sulhwasoo dehh

  • rahmadanya

    Blm nemu yg bener bener lembabin bibir:(

  • putrinatisya

    aku pakai nih laneige lip sleeping mask dan emang bagus banget dan ngelembabin bibir akuu huu suka bangettt